The most pivotal attribute of Airnergy breathing lies in what it ultimately introduces into our bodies.

Under normal circumstances, we breathe ambient air, which comprises a mixture of oxygen along with various gases, dust, electromagnetic radiation, and particles, including PM 2.5. Not only can these harmful particles cause damage to our bodies, but oxygen itself can lead to the generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) as a byproduct of energy transfer. Moreover, about two-thirds of the inhaled oxygen is exhaled back into the air when we breathe out.

Airnergy transforms this paradigm. Initially, it filters out harmful dust and PM 2.5 particles, after which it activates the energy transfer process of oxygen within the device, akin to how plants convert sunlight through photosynthesis. The energy generated is immediately captured by water in the sparking element. Consequently, when you breathe using Airnergy, you intake pure green energy and clean air. This process alone leads to increased oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, as demonstrated in scientific studies.

In comparison to breathing high-concentration oxygen, Airnergy showed an increased peak flow of oxygen levels, whereas high-concentration oxygen resulted in a reduced peak flow of oxygen levels. Additionally, Airnergy breathing led to less exhaled oxygen, a significant reduction in heart rate, and a decrease in breathing rate. These phenomena play a pivotal role in a cascade of health benefits:

- Reducing oxidative stress, mental stress, and anxiety while promoting mental calmness. This results in improved focus and enhanced mental capacity and concentration, crucial for the mental well-being of workers in the corporate environment.

- Enhancing autonomic and cardiac functions, which rejuvenates both the mind and body with the required energy for improved work performance. It is especially effective against mental disorders and tension, the most significant problem in corporate health.

- Strengthening the immune system and antioxidant capacity is key to combating various health issues and conditions.

- Optimizing cellular activities and promoting aerobic cellular respiration, is essential for metabolism, weight control, and the regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

- Fostering the self-healing capabilities of the body is a crucial factor for genuine well-being.

The holistic health benefits of Airnergy have been substantiated through its role in combating oxidative stress, inflammation, and aging while boosting energy levels. Moreover, it has gained recognition and use by professional health management organizations, healthcare providers, and professional sports teams, including Olympic teams.

The above is an extract from CORPORATE HEALTH: A WAY TO PAVE A HEALTHY WORKPLACE by Jibin Chi, MD, MBA, MBI of the CHI Awakening Academy, Sweden

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