Natural Patches of Vermont were originally conceived as an alternative to traditional aromatherapy pain rubs. However they offer numerous advantages over not only these, but also many other traditional and aromatherapeutic products and applications.


Unlike the pain rubs which inspired their development, by using a proprietary process by which the essential oil blends are encapsulated in an adhesive layer, Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches provide the targeted benefits of essential oils without feeling greasy or oily. Leaving no oily residue on the skin, either during use or upon removal, the patches require no clean-up and can be worn day or night, without fear of damaging clothing or bedding.

Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches do not possess the over-powering smell exhibited by most pain rubs and balms. So discreet is the aroma, that no one around you will be aware that you are even wearing the patch, unless, of course, you want them to.

As the name implies, Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches do not use artificial colors or fragrances and, do not contain latex or pharmaceuticals of any kind. All characteristics that offer advantages over not only rubs and balms, but also other patches in the marketplace.


With all the information available on the subject - some of it conflicting - many people find the use of essential oils mysterious and intimidating.
Natural Patches of Vermont are convenient, user friendly and require no time or special materials for use. They provide the aromatherapeutic benefits of custom oil blends that address various common conditions and complaints without the mess and bother often associated with the use of essential oils.

Many essential oils can be irritating to the skin and therefore must be handled with care and properly diluted before use. In Natural Patches of Vermont all of the essential oils are combined with an olive oil carrier and applied to the patches in concentrations designed to provide maximum aromatherapeutic benefits, while minimising the possibility of adverse skin reactions.
To further ensure against adverse skin reactions, the adhesive used in Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches has been formulated and tested for bio-compatibility (skin-friendliness).

Time Saving and Convenient
Most people haven't the time or the inclination to wade through reams of information in order to locate suitable oils or recipes, to buy oils and mixing materials and to undertake the preparation of their own custom oil blends.
Natural Patches of Vermont require no major outlay of time.
Natural Patches of Vermont can be tucked into a pocket or bag for use anytime throughout your busy day.

No Special Storage Needed
Essential oils are prone to instability and must be stored properly to ensure preservation of their unique fragrance profiles and aromatherapeutic properties. Stored in the incorrect size, color or type of container essential oils can rapidly degrade and, in extreme cases, be rendered ineffective and unusable.

Natural Patches of Vermont come in packaging specicifically designed to safeguard the integrity of both the patches and the essential oils. Both the tins and pouches are constructed of non-reactive materials that also act as vapor and light barriers, protecting the essential oils from those elements which most often result in their degradation.

Materials used in and design features of the patches themselves, which serve as additional layers of protection againstdegradation of the essential oils by environmental causes are; the cloth substrate (light barrier), the release liner (vapor barrier) and encapsulation of the essential oil in the adhesive substrate (vapor barrier).

Cost Saving
Not only can high quality essential oils be expensive, their use often requires the purchasing of mixing and storage supplies or diffusers, misters and the like.
Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches require no additional materials for use.


Easy to use
The patches could not be simpler to use. Simply remove the patch its protective liner, and place it on the body at the site specified on the packaging. Following application, your body heat will activate the essential oils to release their aromatherapeutic benefits. These should last up to 24 hours and in some cases longer.

The packaging for Natural Patches of Vermont was specifically designed with portability in mind.
Both the 10-patch tins and ithe ndividually wrapped patches fit easily into a pocket or bag.
They are especially convenient for air travel. Because there is no liquid there is no potential for damage to other items in you luggage or for delays in the screening process.

The understated appearance and aroma of the patches allows for their use in situation where the use of other aromatherapy products and applications might not only be impractical, but in some cases frowned upon.
Unlike other highly scented aromatherapy products, whether intended for topical application (balms, creams, lotions…etc.) or inhalation (diffusers, candles, mists…etc.), the aromatherapeutic benefits of Natural Patches of Vermont can be enjoyed even in the closest of quarters, with confidence that you will not draw attention to yourself or irritate or offend those around you. A lot of por customers find them especially useful in work / office situations.