Memory Retention and Recall 

Natural Patches of Vermont Rosemary Memory Formula

10 patch tin


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Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Helichrysum and Peppermint essential oils

Improves mental awareness and clarity by stimulating and energizing the mind, to enhance memory retention, mental recall, focus and concentration.
Rosemary:  As the old folk saying “Rosemary is for remembrance” would imply, this wonderful oil is stimulating to the brain, improving memory and mental clarity. Its brisk energizing aroma dispels nervous exhaustion and fatigue. Reviving, Invigorating, Clarifying and Strengthening
Basil:  Stimulating and clearing to the mind, in much the same way as Rosemary, Basil can also be supportive in nervous disorders. Restorative, Fortifying and Clearing
Helichrysum:  (aka Immortelle or Everlasting). The molecular make-up of this wonderful oil is truly unique. In addition to the anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant constituents Helichrysum also contains regenerative di-ketones. Purifying, Relaxing and Regenerative
Peppermint: Considered to be one of the more indispensable essential oils, its benefits are varied and extensive. Here it is utilized for its ability to clear and energize the mind to improve concentration, mental focus and mental sharpness. Vitalizing, Refreshing and Cooling

Recommended Placement:  Apply to upper chest. May be worn for up to 24 hours. Please avoid broken or irritated skin.

Patch Removal:  While bathing, or rub surface and peel slowly.

Affirmation:  Clarifying energy surrounds me. I experience complete mental awareness.