Hi, we currently have 8 offers on the Sale page.

New offers include Lavender Sleep foil wrapped, and a new batch of Citrus Energy foil wrapped.  Both have a sell by date for the end of this month.

Also new, we have Frankincense Romance - both tins and foil wrapped.  Although named Romance, these gorgeous smelling patches actually promote a feeling of calm and centeredness, and with a sense of your own worth.

The other 4 offers - Lemongrass for Focus, Eucalyptus Coughs and Colds, Nausea, and Appetite, are all down in price.

You can make your choice/s or buy any 50 sale patches for £49.99.

The offers are here https://www.combineessences.com/natural-patches-of-vermont/current-offers/

All patches are shipped free, anywhere!

Any questions, please ask us.  We're always delighted to hear from you!

the CombineEssences team xx

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Natural Patches of Vermont Lemongrass,Citrus and Romance