Natural Patches of Vermont Appetite Control

Curb Your Appetite


10 patch tin
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Sweet Fennel, Bergamot and Patchouli essential oils

Formulated to alleviate feelings of hunger, minimize cravings and short-circuit feelings of stress and melancholy.

Uplifting and refreshing, these patches curb your appetite and enhance your ability to resist temptation.

Wear one all day or apply 30 minutes before a meal.

In conjunction, the oils in this blend can help short-circuit feelings of stress and depression, alleviate feelings of hunger and minimise cravings to disrupt the cycle of emotional eating.

Sweet Fennel:  Having a calming effect on the emotions, reducing nervousness, depression and stress, Sweet Fennel has also been associated with a decrease in feelings of hunger. Soothing, Cleansing, Purifying and Revitalising.

Bergamot:  Balancing and uplifting, Bergamot can be used to assist with stress and tension, and can also help to regulate mood swings and lift the spirits. Uplifting, Inspiring and Confidence Building.

Patchouli:  Grounding and centering, Patchouli is recommended for reducing stress and alleviating anxiety and depression. It is a great balancer of three principle chakras; Heart (Love, joy, and inner peace), Sacral (Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality), and Crown (Inner and outer beauty and connection to spirituality and pure bliss. Relaxing, Grounding, Centering, Uplifting and Sensual.

Recommended Placement:  Apply to upper chest to receive full benefits of aromatherapy. May be worn for up to 24 hours. Please avoid broken or irritated skin.

Patch Removal: While bathing, or rub surface and peel slowly.

Natural Patches of Vermont Appetite SuppressanrAffirmation:  I practice a mindful life and mindful eating.  I am conscious of everything I eat.  I eat only when I am hungry.

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