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Current Offers on Natural Patches of Vermont

(Normal Prices are 10 patch tins £18.99 and 10 individually foil wrapped patches £19.99)

Lemongrass Energy & Focus

Combats fatigue and stress while boosting energy and focus. Enhances your concentration and vitality. Lemongrass-Energy-Focus-

Sell by date Feb 2022

10 patch tin
Natural Patches of Vermont Lemongrass
Delivered free anywhere!

Citrus Uplifting Energy

Stay awake, alert and active all day with no "energy crash".  Dispell feelings of listlessness and withdrawal. Citrus-Uplifting-Energy]

Sell by date April 2022

10 foil wrapped
£15.99  Citrus

Natural Patches of Vermont Enhanced Energy Citrus icon
Delivered free anywhere!

Nausea Comfort

Comfort and invigoration when queasiness and general malaise threaten to keep you on the sidelines.

Nausea Comfort & Invigoration

Sell by date May 2022

10 foil wrapped

Delivered free anywhere!

Coughs & Colds

Soothe discomfort. Pamper and protects the head, nose and throat. Decongest.


Sell by date March 2022

10 patch tin

Natural Patches of Vermont Eucalyptus Soothing Coughs & Colds
Delivered free anywhere!

Appetite Control and Support

Alleviate hungry feelings, , minimise cravings and short-circuit feelings of stress and melancholy.

SellAppetite-Control-and-Support by date Feb 2021

10 patch tin
Now £6.99 or 2 for !0 Appetite

Natural Patches of Vermont Appetite SuppressanrDelivered free anywhere!

Lavender Sleep

Soothe nervous tension and relieve stress for a peaceful, restful night's sleep.


Sell by date Sept 2021

10 patch tin
Now £8.99  -    SOLD OUT

Natural Patches of Vermont LavenderDelivered free anywhere!

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