The Healing Magic of Magnessage Magnet Therapy

One of our lovely customers shares some brilliant stories of using the Magnessage over many years.

About 20 years ago I fell down a steep hill while I was cutting down a tree. I fell 12 feet on my back and then continued falling about 12 feet, again landing on my back. I couldn’t walk and had to crawl to my car to get help. I went to my English masseuse and bought a wand from her. In two days, I cooked a dinner for 26 people and in one week I was again riding my horses.

Many years prior, I was also in a bad taxi car accident in Germany and then a skiing fall from which I ended up with a crushed disk in my neck and back. I use the wand whenever my back or neck starts to “complain”. I had been able to compete on cutting horses until just a few years ago. I don’t ride anymore because I am too busy.

A few past stories of other friends to whom I recommended the wand:

A friend (JT) ordered three wands many years ago for her mom who fell down and broke her neck and back. Her mom used the wands daily and returned for a checkup about 4 weeks later. The x-rays showed that her bones had healed like a 20 year old. At first the doctor thought his nurse had brought him the wrong x-rays. Her mom totally recovered.

I got a call from an artist friend (AT) who bought a wand about 3 or 4 years ago. About 10 days ago, she got in the way of her horse when it was frisky and got her hand kicked. Her hand is so much better, she has started painting again.

I have used the wand on horses for many years.
I have a very funny story about one of the times I used the wand on a horse:

Some friends were trying out a $15,000 horse to buy, but it was a bit lame on the fright front. I asked them if I could try the wand on the horse and they agreed. We put it in a cross tie in the barn and I started using it on his neck. The horse leaned into me and got a very calm facial appearance. They I started to run the wand down its front right leg and he lifted his leg sideways, which horse rarely do. I used the wand on it for about 15 minutes. Then I walked around the horse and faced it and asked it how that felt. Weirdly, the horse nodded his head up and down. We all had a good laugh. My friend saddled the horse and rode him off. They bought him and he has never been lame.

Have a great day,

WS in California.


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A note from us:
The Magnessage can be used for back pain, sports injuries, post surgery healing, joint pain and arthritis, fatigue and sleep problems, menstrual pain, bowel problems, ibs, colitis and constipation, headache, toothache, neuralgia and eye problems, cuts, burns and stings, sexual problems and infertility.

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Happy healing!

the CombineEssences team xx


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