Water-Coaster-Norstar Biomagnetics Magnet Therapy


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Magnetised water is more effectively carried through the body than regular water. There is less surface tension and it is taken up more readily by the cells.

We recommend drinking magnetised water for many ailments, including skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, digestive disorders such as colitis as well as to improve general health and skin.

Any water can be magnetised. Just place your jug or glass on the magnetic Water Coaster for about 20 minutes a glass.  Allow about an hour for a full bottle or jug.  The water will hold its magnetic properties for days.

The Norstar Magnetic Water Coaster contains 9 high quality 1 inch neodymium magnets.

Power Rating:  12,300 gauss core/1,500 gauss surface.

NORTH POLE WATER: Calming and Relaxing
Used for most conditions. Place container on the coaster with the North Pole facing towards the glass/jug/bottle.

SOUTH POLE WATER: For Stimulation and Energy

Other ways you can benefit from the Magnetic Water Coaster:

Magnetise the water in your watering cans and use it on plants, cuttings and vegetables.

Place the magnetic coaster under a vase of cut flowers to lengthen the life of the flowers by up to 50%.

Face and Body oils and creams – for better absorption.

Place under Wine – to enhance and bring out the full underlying flavours.  Also reduces ‘breathing’ time.

For your pets.  The best test of all is watching your pet naturally gravitate to their bowl of magnetised water, walking past bowls of the ordinary stuff.  Our pets still have the ability to ‘sense the field’, which we humans seem to have lost as we have become more ‘civilized’.

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