Magnet Therapy Thumb Wrap

Thumb Wrap Norstar Biomagnetics Magnet Therapy


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Norstar’s Thumb Wrap prevents stress and strain from repetitive movements.  Using a ½” Neodymium Magnet with a flexible one backing it up, it offers superior engineering and penetration.

The Stomatex wrap allows your skin to be supported and 'breathe' freely.  Circulation is increased to the damaged area, bringing in extra blood flow and oxygen, which prompts the body to heal itself.

Using the wrap at night will help eliminate inflammation as you sleep, neutralising lactic acids, calcium and cholesterol deposits.

Speeds recovery.  Also, through regular wear of the Thumb Wrap we can often deflect injury from occurring or re-occurring.

12,300 gauss core/1,200 gauss surface

Fully adjustable, one size fits all.  Can be used on either hand

Pack Contains:
1x thumb wrap
1x moveable magnetic pad (2 neodymium magnets)

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