Magnet Therapy Stress Buster Pad

Stress Buster Norstar Biomagnetics Magnet Therapy

Stress Buster


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This quilted, lightweight pad transports easily from home to work

For lower back relief use it on your chair during the day while working or driving.

Very useful for long haul flights - both to encourage circulation as you sit and to enable you to recover more effectively from jet-lag after your journey.

During the night it will help increase circulation thereby increasing oxygen, which in turn will encourage the release of damaging toxins and promote the cells to work as efficiently as they can to strengthen the system and improve general health.

Norstar’s top grade ceramic magnets will help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders when in bed, delivering calming North Pole magnetic fields to ease you to sleep naturally.

3,975 gauss

Size:  70cm x 32.5cm (28 x 13)

Pack Contains:
1x Norstar lightweight quilted Stress Buster pad containing 30x ceramic high quality neodymium magnets


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