Magnet Therapy Mini Mattress Pad

Mini Mattress Pad Norstar Magnetics Magnet Therapy £70

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Therapists have used this pad on their massage and treatment couches for years.  It became so successful it is now available to everyone.

This pad bridges the gap between the Norstar full size mattress pads and the smaller pillow pads. This Mini Pad fits perfectly over the whole trunk area of the body allowing the magnetic fields to have a gentle revitalising effect on all the major organs.

Unlike “spot” magnets,  mattress pads bathe every muscle, cell and organ in your body with a gentle magnetic field that is safe, natural and essential to  well being.  A good mattress pad will last 15-20 years and requires no effort in use.

Power Rating:  3,975 gauss

24″x36″ / 61 x 91 cms

60 ceramic ferrite magnets in a plush, comfortable quilting.

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