The Magnessage has been found to be beneficial for some types of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and in certain cases of infertility. It helps by improving blood flow and the circulation of fluids in the abdomen and sexual organs and may also enhance sperm mobility.

Ideally, start your programme of drinking at least 4 glasses of pure water daily 2 days before beginning to use the Magnessage. During treatments, continue to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day to help the body expel the toxins that are released from the cells as a result of the magnetic therapy.

For infertility, try using the Magnessage on the Fast setting over the abdomen for 3-5 minutes before and after intercourse. It is especially important to do this around the time of ovulation but may also be beneficial to continue treatment throughout the month until pregnancy is achieved.

For erectile problems, use the Magnessage on the Fast setting over the genital area for 3-5 minutes about 10 minutes before attempting intercourse. Use can also be continued on a daily basis if wished.

In the case of persistent infertility or sexual dysfunction please consult a doctor.


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Magnessage by Norstar Biomagnetics

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