About the Magnessage

The Magnessage is a magnetic field therapy device developed to relieve pain and hasten the repair of damaged tissue.
It is a portable hand-held device, in the shape of a torch, that is held next to, or horizontally over, the body, at the site of pain, injury or imbalance.  The elongated upper rotating casing of the Magnessage emits the magnetic fields.

Using gentle sweeping strokes, simply move the Magnessage freely over the affected area. A slight vibration is built into the Magnessage, but it is NOT the vibration that benefits the cells.  

The vibration is there for the gentle comfort factor of ‘touch’.  It is the extraordinary depth of the magnetic field emitted by the Magnessage that brings the results. The pulsed electro-magnetic field has a depth of penetration of 45cms/18 inches.  The rotational speed of the Magnessage is such that the body cannot differentiate between North or South Pole (this becomes very important when using static magnets).  In the Magnessage, they are simply accepted by the cells as pure magnetic fields.

Should the damaged area be sensitive to touch (e.g. severe burns or cuts) simply use the Magnessage 10-15 cms (4-6 inches) above the skin. The Magnessage is just as effective when used above the skin as when in direct contact with the body because of the depth of penetration of its magnetic field.  It is also effective through clothing, bandages and plaster-casts.

The Magnessage is best used for around 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times daily until relief is obtained. Thereafter, it can be used intermittently for preventative treatment as required.

Research in the USA has shown that a 5 minute treatment with this type of pulsed electro-magnetic field produces the same therapeutic effects as having a fixed magnet in place for 24 hours.  The Magnessage therefore accomplishes its work in 5 minutes.
The Magnessage can be used for any type of pain, inammation or injury.  It regulates the body's own ability to heal itself especially in areas of long term damage where the repair process appears to be blocked. This includes severe cuts, burns and stress related problems.

The Magnessage has two speeds: (1) Slow and (2) Fast which can be selected by means of the switch, according to the type of condition being treated.

In general, the Slow speed is selected for very young children, for small animals (kittens and puppies) and when you need to calm the body e.g. for treating headaches and stress.  The Fast speed is used for all other conditions.

The speed selection may also vary according to the type of ailment being treated.  The Fast speed is generally selected for joint pain, sports injuries, deep muscle aches and pain, PMS etc, while the Slow speed may be selected for migraine, toothache and any other treatment to the head.

Many people now also use the Magnessage to heal their pets and other animals such as horses.

Charging your Magnessage:
With your Magnessage switched off (zero position), connect your charger to the Magnessage.
Plug into the mains.
Fully charge your Magnessage until the RED light turns to GREEN.
(The initial charging  may take up to 9 hours.)
Your Magnessage is now ready for use
Life expectancy of a fully charged battery is approximately 3 hours
Treatments should last 3 to 5 minutes in each area

It is best to discharge your battery fully before recharging.  This ensures a longer life.

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