Kylie Bracelet – Magnet Therapy Pain Relief For The Wrist

Kylie Bracelet Norstar Biomagnetics Magnet Therapy


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Designed to bring you the benefits of magnetic therapy in an elegant piece of jewellery.  It can be worn continuously.
The Kylie Bracelet contains 6 powerful neodymium magnets, these have a penetration area of over 1 inch.
While specifically designed to bring relief from pain and discomfort to the wrist and hand, over a period of time, the magnets will also encourage your body and blood to operate more efficiently.
Low Blood Pressure:  Wear the bracelet on your left hand.
High Blood Pressure: Wear the bracelet on your right hand.
12,300 gauss core/1,200-1,500 gauss surface
19 cms (7 Inches)

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