About Magnetic Field Therapy

We are surrounded by terrestrial magnetism.  It is a powerful, natural force that inuences everything in the natural world including our physical bodies.  Every cell in the body has its own electromagnetic field that becomes depleted as its daily functions are carried out.  Normally, cells are able to repair and replenish themselves but the effects of stress, poor diet, dehydration, pollution and potentially harmful electrical elds can all influence their restorative ability.
In disease, chronic conditions and common ailments where  cell repair may be slow or ineffective, MFT can help stimulate cell function and aid recovery.
Magnetic Field Therapy involves placing specially designed magnets or magnetic products on different parts of the body for therapeutic effect.  It is not a miracle cure or the answer to every health problem but it is a very useful therapy with proven health benefits.
Magnetic Field Therapy is: Safe and effective Well-researched Proven to speed the body's natural repair system Non-invasive, drug free and painless Free from side-effects Used by medical professionals/clinics worldwide Re-usable and affordable
BENEFITS Relaxation of muscles and soft tissue Reduction of inammation, swelling and pain Stimulation of tissue and bone healing Increased circulation and oxygenation of the tissues Improved blood cleansing and removal of acid deposits Reduced water retention Analgesic effect It is also thought that magnets trigger the body's natural healing mechanisms.
Magnet therapy can help you to: Relax Relieve pain Promote healing Detoxify the body Improve mobility Speed recovery Increase vitality and strength Ease a range of common ailments
When Magnetic Field Therapy is used correctly - targeting the damaged area in the right way, benecial effects can be observed within hours – sometimes within minutes, for example in the case of acute pain due to injury or headaches etc.
With more established conditions, signicant improvements are normally obtained within 1-7 days. In the case of very chronic complaints or immune system problems improvements can take up to 60-90 days.
CONTRAINDICATIONS Norstar Magnets are safe to use and have not been found to cause side-effects. However they should not be used by or on the following: Those with pacemakers, debrillators, insulin pumps or other electro-insulin devices as the magnets may interfere with their activity (battery lifespan). Pregnant women — as a standard precaution. Those with cobalt based implants. General rule: Allow a metal implant to settle down in the body for 3-4 weeks before using MFT. This is to make sure the operation has gone smoothly and no complication has arisen. Magnets can safely be used with most other types of implants and valves as their materials are non-attractive to the magnetic fields.) For people taking anticoagulants, or on bleeding wounds, magnets may decrease the stickiness of blood platelets. For the above or in cases of hyperthyroidism, please consult your doctor before using magnet therapy. Always check with your doctor if you are in doubt.
WATER When using any form of magnet therapy, including the Maqnessage, you must drink at least four large glasses of pure water a day and preferably 6 to 8 glasses.  This is to flush out the toxins that are released by the cells of your body as a result of the magnet stimulation.

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