Freedom from Stress and Anxiety MP4

InnerTalk Video Entrainment Subliminal and Hypnosis Video

Within each of us is the  ability to reinterpret our stressors so that we experience less stress and anxiety.

Some stress can improve performance but too much can be  damaging.  Chronic stress can lead to the release of stress hormones including cortisol and adrenalin - the body’s reaction to feeling threatened.  Stress hormones can accumulate leading to long-term damage.  Stress can ruin relationships, damage sleep patterns, and lead to disruptive behaviors.  Stress can interrupt the optimal operation of every system in your body.

Stress is any stimulus that we interpret as stressful.  The same stimulus may be pleasurable for one person but highly stressful for another.   For example, a roller coaster ride, for some, is a highly stressful experience.  For most, it's just exciting.

Within each of us is the ability to reinterpret our stressors and to experience much less stress and anxiety.  The health benefits are enormous!

Relieve stress and achieve a state of calm and well-being.  Regardless of how much you need to get done, you will achieve more when you tackle the task in a calm, relaxed, stress-free manner.

This video programme will hel