InnerTalk Package Offers

A specially created series for particular issues
Each set of 4 CDs costs £49.99. (Normally £91.96) 
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InnerTalk Package Offers

Build A Better Life Package

You can't have a better life until you believe you are entitled to it. This Package is your foundation to a better life.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Ending Anxiety and Reducing Stress Package

Many of us are prey to anxiety and stress, often caused by deep fears.  This Package helps you regain your balance.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Family Life Package

Anyone with children will know that we all long for calm, respect, success and responsibility in our households.  This collection has been put together to try to achieve just that and to make your house a happy home for everyone.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Fighting Cancer Package

InnerTalk has donated over 30,000 free CDs on their charitable programme including 'Cancer Remission'.  Therapists also recommend this group of CDs in the fight against cancer to boost your mental abilities in supporting your physical treatment.
Cancer Remission (Free)
Powerful Immune System
Accelerated Healing & Well-Being
Freedom from Sugar
Optimism Plus
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Freedom from Childhood Obesity Package

Our children are in mortal danger from the rise of obesity.  Rather than our life expectancy increasing, obesity may make our children die early or even before us.  Train them away from junk food and inactivity.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Get Out of Debt Package

Our debt culture is leaving many people very exposed to their liabilities, especially if they should experience an economic downturn.  Use this package to help curtail those impulses to buy, buy, buy and get your finances in order while you still have time.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Healing the Past Package

Leaving the past behind is hard to do, but vital if you are to regain your life after an emotional trauma.  Heal the past, release your anger and create forgiveness so you are ready to rebuild your life.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Looking for Love Package

Love is out there for everyone, but time and again we put up barriers to prevent ourselves from receiving.  Many people report that by changing themselves, love finds them naturally.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Self-Esteem Package

Positive Self Esteem is a core fundamental for a happy life.  See yourself in the light of positive thinking.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Success Package

For those seeking business success, this package will kick-start your success with positive thinking.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Weight Loss Package

Feeling great about your weight is about more than a number on your scales.  It's also about looking great, feeling great and believing in yourself.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

Wellness Package

Make an investment in wellness a gift to yourself.  Plan to develop a healthy mind, healthy body, a healthy family and healthy finances.
Four titles for £49.99  -  (Usually £91.96)

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