Ultra Success Conditioning MP4

InnerTalk Video Entrainment Subliminal and Hypnosis Video

Fill your mind with the expectation of ultra success!. When the very core of your being knows that you can be successful, you will find doors opening for you to be exactly that!

Sample affirmations in this title:

"I set goals.
I crystallize my thinking.
My goals are realistic.
My goals are meaningful.
I apply myself.
I apply my best.
I succeed.
I accomplish my goals.
I am confident.
I am positive.
Goal setting is fun.
Goal setting is the first step towards realization.
I realize my goals.
My thought power is strong.
Thought is the greatest force in the Universe.
My thoughts are clear.
I see my success.
I see the achievement of my goals.
I am achieving.
I am a winner.
I am a self-generating force.
Thought is the fabric of reality.
My reality is great.
I create my reality.
My goals aid the creating of my reality.
I focus.
I sense success.
I am successful.
I am an achiever."

MP4:  £25.99

Video MP4

Usage Guide:  You will see on your  screen an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors.  Embedded in this colour show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals together with an accompanying soundtrack with affirmations, tones and frequencies.

You will  enter an altered state of brain wave activity and find yourself relaxed, at ease and comfortable.

You may choose to both start and end your day with this video.

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