Golf Like a Pro MP4

InnerTalk Video Entrainment Subliminal and Hypnosis Video

Focus, concentrate, visualise, relax, follow through.  Effortless swing.  Ease. Without stress.  Single minded purpose now.  These are the kind of thoughts the golfer tries to get together just before the shot.

This video is designed to bring it all together in your mind over and over again, before you are on the golf course and ready to swing or putt.   Build the confidence, do the repetitions, maintain the steadiness and do it all with ease.

Unlike the other videos, we recommend that you come to this video with a mental picture of your next game.  Let it play in your head while the mesmerising video reenforces your mental readiness and conditions a relaxed state of being/.

Sample affirmations in this title:

"I keep my head down.
I am a great athlete.
I practice. I enjoy golf.
Golf is fun.
My swing is correct.
My swing is powerful.
My swing is repeating.
My posture is good.
My stance is good.
One foot is always at a right angle to the line of flight.
The other foot is turned out at a quarter of a turn to the left.
Golf is relaxing.
I am a winner.
I am a great golfer.
I relax.
I am positive.
I am good.
I play relaxed.
Power transfers to my arms and hands.
My body generates power.
I follow through.
My elbows and arms are close together during my swing.
My elbows are tucked in during my swing.
One elbow points directly at the left hip bone.
The other elbow points directly at the other hip bone."

MP4:  £25.99

Video MP4

Usage Guide:  You will see on your  screen an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors.  Embedded in this colour show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals together with an accompanying soundtrack with affirmations, tones and frequencies.

You will  enter an altered state of brain wave activity and find yourself relaxed, at ease and comfortable.

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