Freedom from Anger and Fear MP4

InnerTalk Video Entrainment Subliminal and Hypnosis Video

Fear and anger can have a debilitating effect on every aspect of our being. They are circular and can literally suffocate our dreams, ambitions and aspirations. You can choose to let go of fear and anger and to empower your full potential today.

Sample affirmations in this title:

"I am a gift.
Love created all.
The Divine exists in all.
I see the Divine in all.
Good exists in all.
I see good in all.
Life is a miracle.
I am a miracle.
Living is wonderful.
I am forgiving.
I am appreciative.
I am positive.
I am confident.
I am balanced.
I live in peace.
I live in harmony.
I live in now.
Now is all there is.
I have all I need now.
I am free of addictions.
I emulate the highest.
I am understanding.
I love unconditionally.
I care without reward expectation.
Form is function.
I am non-resistive to life.
I am eternal.
I am accepting.
I am grateful.
I allow.
I am wise.
I am whole.
I am enough.
I am sufficient.
I am good.
I am joyous.
I am happy.
I have humor.
I laugh"

MP4:  £25.99

Video MP4

Usage Guide:  You will see on your  screen an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors.  Embedded in this colour show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals together with an accompanying soundtrack with affirmations, tones and frequencies.

You will  enter an altered state of brain wave activity and find yourself relaxed, at ease and comfortable.

You may choose to both start and end your day with this video.

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