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Self-regulation of our emotional states is critical to promoting health, longevity, and happiness.

Physiological coherence is often measured by the heart’s rhythm.  It is associated with emotional intelligence or EQ and reflects an orderly and harmonious synchronisation between systems in the body - such as the heart, respiratory system and blood-pressure rhythms.

When our emotions are balanced, thinking is clearer, health is optimised, happiness is increased, and creativity is enhanced!

There is much a buzz today about the positive influence of coherent body states.  Clinics are teaching coherent heart and brain wave states through sophisticated bio-feedback.  Software is being written for home use and neuro-feedback devices are beginning to feature the advantages of brain/body coherence.  Many optimal states are reported to accompany this coherent heart/brain state called simply emotional coherence.

This programme is designed to help you experience this state for yourself.  Whether you are a clinician training individuals, or you are inexperienced and just curious, this programme could help you. Try it today!

Sample affirmations in this title:

"All life shares the same atomic nature.
My atoms were the atoms of life's ancestors.
All life evolves.
All life has consciousness.
All life matters.
All life is sacred.
Life is a miracle.
Life is a gift.
Living is sharing.
Life is all inter-connected.
The planet lives.
The forests live.
The flora and fauna all share life with me.
We all live in the now.
We all share the miracle.
I behold the miracle.
I am in awe.
Absolute we.
I can create a feeling of connectedness.
I can create a deep sense of awe.
I can choose to be grateful.
I do choose to be grateful.
I choose to be connected.
I choose to see the miracle.
I choose to sense the beauty."

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Video MP4

Usage Guide:  You will see on your  screen an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors.  Embedded in this colour show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals together with an accompanying soundtrack with affirmations, tones and frequencies.

You will  enter an altered state of brain wave activity and find yourself relaxed, at ease and comfortable.

You may choose to both start and end your day with this video.

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