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Real estate pros know that their business is a unique type of sales.  Buying and selling a home is much more than a sale.  It involves a special kind of listening, a genuine concern for the client, a sense of fairness and a commitment to integrity.  

For real success, learn to sell with caring, concern and integrity.

The makers of InnerTalk have tapped into some of the secrets of real estate professionals for this programme.  If your career is real estate, don't miss this opportunity to excel. 

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I love the real estate business.
I eagerly anticipate everyday.
I am enthused.
I enjoy talking with people.
I enjoy making telephone calls.
I enjoy taking phone calls.
I love to share my presentation with others.
I am consistent and persistent.
I am motivated.
I help people.
I am charismatic.
I have charm.
I close sales.
I listen well.
I use what I hear to close sales.
I adapt my presentation to my customer's needs.
I provide a valuable service.
I am proud of my profession.
I enjoy selling.
I am resilient.
I know my product and services.
I have a powerful memory.
I remember everything I need whenever I need it.
I remember details.
I remember customers.
I am a powerful communicator.
I speak clearly.
I choose my words.
I speak with authority."

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