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Most of us experience mental blocks of some kind.  Perhaps it is a particular name that we can never remember, or maybe it is an entire field of study. Sometimes it's our creativity that is blocked.  When you think you can't remember something, chances are you won't.  When you don't believe that you can find a solution to a problem, then you won't.
Mental blocks are best defined as an inability to recall a specific thing or perform some mental action.  They are often the result of self-doubt, indecision, stress, and uncertainty.
Retraining your inner dialogue, that stream of consciousness that informs you of your uncertainty and reminds you of the accompanying stress, is necessary to removing mental blocks.
Move out of your own way.  Clear out the clutter from your mind.  Allow the answers to flow in.

Sample messages in this title:

"I enjoy creativity.
I enjoy problem solving.
I enjoy research.
I prepare well.
I am mentally tough.
I think clearly.
I move through mental blocks easily.
My mind is sharp and alert.
I am productive.
I love productivity.
I truly enjoy being productive.
I love learning.
I enjoy new knowledge.
I enjoy reading.
Life is wonderful.
I love life.
I evaluate ideas.
I love creative ideas.
I follow through.
I enjoy my life.
I am grateful.
I have a gratitude attitude.
My mind accesses memories easily.
My mind is clear.
My thoughts are clear.
Remembering comes easily to me.
I like remembering.
I enjoy connecting the dots.
Mental blocks dissolve.
I see clearly. I see easily.
I remember new information easily.
I like making the effort to remember." when practicing my lines."

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