InnerTalk Prosperity and Abundance MP3

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What’s holding you back from realizing success and the rewards of your efforts?  The negative programming locked in one’s subconscious can be overcome.  This programme will rescript your beliefs and open the door to the unlimited abundance you deserve.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

“I am prosperous.
I appreciate my success.
I have many blessings.
I focus on my blessings.
I become a magnet attracting prosperity.
Prosperity is attracted to me.
Abundance and prosperity flow to me now.
I naturally receive.
I deserve prosperity.
I invest my time.
I work hard.
My energy is stored in money.
I use money in good ways.
I know abundance exists throughout nature.
I am a child of the universe.
Abundance is naturally mine.
I am already successful.
I realize my prosperity.
My mind magnetically attracts prosperity.
I hold prosperous thoughts.
I visualize my prosperous reality.
I deserve money.
I deserve success.
I have more money.
I attract more money.
I attract money and prosperity.
Money is good.
I give thanks for my blessings."

available with music or nature soundtrack
£19.99 each
£31.99 for both soundtracks


InnerTalk subliminal thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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