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This powerful programme works not only to assist us in realizing our vision, but it brings our focus to exactly what that vision is.

Your mind truly is a co-creator of everything you know or will ever come to realise. The magic of your mind exists in expectation and visualisation. By creating an expectation of success - success in all walks of life from prosperity to happiness - and merging that with the crystalisation of your thinking (a clear visualised direction and purpose), success is certain.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I create my vision of success.
I create my vision of perfect health.
I create my personal vision of my life and work.
I hold the vision intently.
I visualize my vision daily.
I include all my senses in my visualization.
My vision is powerful.
I manifest my vision in life.
I create my own destiny.
I have the power.
I have the ability.
I am successful now.
I am admired.
I am appreciated.
I appreciate myself.
I respect myself.
I deserve the best."

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