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Do you have difficulty getting others to take your opinions seriously?  Do you doubt the validity of your own perspective?  Use this programme to learn to appreciate and respect yourself.  When you are appropriately assertive, you will find it easier to ask for what you deserve.

Sample messages in this title:

"I am confident.
I am whole.
I am enough.
I make my own choices.
I choose wisely.
I trust myself.
I have self-esteem.
I like myself.
I am good.
I am capable.
I am powerful.
I am eternal.
I am loved.
I am truthful.
I am assertive.
I have positive relationships.
I am positive.
I choose.
I choose confidently.
I assert myself.
I am loving.
I am honest.
I am assertive.
Assertiveness is natural.
I am pleasantly assertive."

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