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Burnout can hit anyone and at any time.   Life is simply so busy;  we all have so much to do.  And often, our responsibilities involve lots of repetitive work.
But there is a solution.  You really can bring joy and passion back to your task.  Make your responsibilities fun and feel rewarded at the end of each day.  Rekindle your excitement for your job and learn to have fun again while you work.  Change the thinking that has you dreading your work into thinking that makes your work joyful.
Freedom from Burnout will help you feel strong, capable, and enthusiastic.  It will give you the sense of inner peace you need so you can fulfill your responsibilities and live to your fullest potential!

Sample messages in this title:

"I enjoy myself.
I enjoy my profession.
I am in control of myself.
I enjoy challenges.
I do what I can do.
I am accepting.
I enjoy humor.
I love life.
I love living.
I am okay.
I am good.
I treat myself well.
I respect myself.
I remain balanced.
I am happy.
I enjoy my activities.
I am successful.
I am detached from pressure.
I am detached from outcome.
I am detached from stress.
I experience positive.
I focus on the positive.
I image positive.
I treat others with respect.
I am balanced."

available with music or nature soundtrack
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