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Remembering lines can be challenging.  And if you worry about not learning your lines in time,  the task becomes even harder.

When you know that learning lines can be  easy and you employ all your strategies to commit them to memory,  the task can become easy and fun!

Take the stress out of learning your lines.

Sample messages in this title:

"I read my script over and over again.
I practice my lines.
I get into my character.
I find my lines are natural to my character.
My lines become what I would have said as the character.
I imagine every scene vividly.
I practice my lines with emotion.
I feel myself as my character in every scene.
I embody the character in my mind and emotions.
My lines come effortlessly to me.
I move when practicing my lines.
I am animated when practicing lines.
I use space as though I was in every scene when practicing my lines."

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