InnerTalk Accessing the Entrepreneur Within MP3

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It takes a special set of characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur.  Cultivate these personality traits for success.

Sample messages in this title:

"I am ambitious.
I am daring.
I am willing to work hard.
I am willing to be dedicated to my success.
I feel the pioneering spirit within.
I hear the sound of success.
I am worthy of success.
I accept my worthiness.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am willing to study.
I am willing to make a detailed plan.
I am willing to listen to others.
I am willing to invest in my ambition.
I accept the entrepreneur spirit.
I study.
I make a plan.
I invest my time and money in my ambition.
I am confident.
I am courageous.
I am honest.
My integrity is impeccable."

available with music or nature soundtrack
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