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This programme was created with the direct input and approval from Dr. Vijayandra Pratap.  Dr. Pratap is the founder and director of the SKY Foundation in Philadelphia, Pa.  He was sent to the US over forty years ago to establish medical yoga in America. His students are from around the world and he is considered a leading scholar on the subject of yoga.

Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is also a way of thinking and living. Learn to enjoy yoga and the significant health and spiritual benefits it brings.

Use this programme to both motivate and help you develop a yoga lifestyle.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I enjoy yoga.
I visualize yogic poses.
I learn the meaning of poses.
I sense and feel meaning.
My body is an expression of LOVE.
I accept the gift. LOVE is truth and wisdom.
I am a gift of LOVE. I am LOVE.
Health is mine.
Physical and mental are one.
Yoga integrates the mental and physical.
Yoga is a tool.
I use the tool.
I visualize and feel the poses.
Peace flows through me.
My breath extends living.
I breathe properly—slowly, deeply, and rhythmically.
The centers of my body are alive.
We are collectively cells, alive units of consciousness.
My cells support me.
I trust my body.”

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