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Dreams afford us a doorway into a realm that knows no time/space limitation.  Through the portal of dreams we can find many answers.  This programme is designed to both alert one to an important dream and to use the dream state to obtain answers.  We recommend first reading the affirmations, for conscious acknowledgment, and then play the programme - especially while you sleep.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Dreams are healing.
Dreaming is natural.
Dreams are a doorway.
Dreams provide solutions.
Dreams see through time.
Dreams access higher levels of consciousness.
Consciousness is.
My mind is an aspect of the collective mind.
Ideas are universal.
Consciousness is universal.
Mind knows no limitation.
My dreams provide solutions.
My dreams are helpful.
My dreams give me insight.
I petition my dreams for help.
I petition my dreams for insight.
I remind myself at bedtime.
I record my dreams."

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