InnerTalk Remembering Past Lives: Reincarnation MP3

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Would you like to be able to remember your past lives?  Are you interested in investigating reincarnation for yourself?  Use this programme during meditations or while you sleep and see if memories surface for you.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am eternal.
Life is school.
Living provides opportunities.
I remember my lessons.
I sense my eternality.
I sense my growth.
I sense my evolution.
Experience is evolving.
I have learned much.
I review all experiences.
I learn from experience.
I grow from experience.
I release any negativity.
I remember my talents.
I incorporate love and acceptance.
I am honest. I honor myself.
I observe learning opportunities.
Evolution is learning.
My learnings teach Divine.
I am aware of the Divine within.
I am a gift."

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