InnerTalk Opening and Balancing the Chakras MP3

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Many spiritual systems refer to the energy centers of the body.  Learn to feel these energy centers and then discover how to expand them.  Allow life energy to flow freely through you.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Life energy flows through me.
I am creative.
My energy is creative.
Life is creative.
Kundalini energy is creative.
My root chakra is open.
My spleen chakra is open.
My solar plexus chakra is open.
I love life.
I am a gift.
I am grateful.
All that comes to me is good.
Good exists in everything.
I see God's presence in all.
I am accepting.
I am whole.
I am at peace.
The Spirit and I are one.
My heart chakra is open.
My throat chakra is open.
My third eye chakra is open.
My crown chakra is open.
I feel my energy.
I am in touch with all life.
I am sensitive to all life."

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