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Our intuition is one of our most precious gifts. Intuition combines intellect with imagination, conscious and subconscious considerations, in a way that transcends the sum of the parts.

Our intuition is an internal guidance system.  Lives have been saved, health issues resolved, creative breakthroughs discovered, and so much more as a matter of listening to our intuition.  Einstein reported that his greatest discoveries came from intuition received while in an altered state.

You can develop and sharpen your intuition.  This programme will help you to recognise and hone your intuition.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Intuition is natural.
Intuition is wise.
I trust my intuitions.
I relax.
I become still.
I listen to my intuitions.
I decide quickly.
I trust my decisions.
I feel my intuition.
My intuition perceives.
I have insights.
I am creative.
I trust.
I am confident.
I am rational.
I trust my first impression.
I sense my impressions.
I am wise.
I integrate reason and intuition into wisdom.
My judgement is keen.
I solve problems.
Problems are opportunities to be solved.
I make wise choices.
I think and feel my decisions.
I am a child of the universe.
I have spiritual gifts."

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