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In some spiritual practices, the Ascended Masters taught that each person is an individualised aspect of the Divine.  Use this programme to acknowledge and enhance the "I Am" Presence within you.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Father, I call forth into your presence and use your name.
God, the Father Knowing that it is the indwelling God principle that raises the rate of vibration of my body and whole being.
Your name, God, resonates my being, I think your name at all times.
God dwells within me now.
I am God’s divine plan.
And all that God is, I am.
I am the Christ of God God/Man.
All that God my Father is, is for God/Man to use.
Thus, “I Am” is entitled to use all substance.
In fact, God my Father is pressing out all substance to God/Man in unlimited measure.
God principle is my Father.
I am the Christ of God.
Both in whole and complete union.
All that God has, the Christ of God is.
Thank you Father and so it is."

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