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A connected consciousness beholds the miracle of life - all life.  It is enabled by the awareness that all life is inherently connected.  This special state of consciousness recognizes with awe the beauty and balance in nature.  It surrenders the independent ego in favor of interdependence.  As a result, the consciously connected person enjoys a deeper sense of life, a special inner meaning and purpose, and a greater feeling of peace.

Being consciously connected to your inner higher self and all life that surrounds you, involves a special form of conscious expansion - a true spiritual awareness. You can begin this enlightening experience.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am a being of the Light.
I am a facet of the One Mind.
I am One with the One Mind.
God created me in God's image.
God knows everything.
I am one with the Divine.
I access the Divine Mind.
I am a gift—a gift of unconditional love.
I accept the gift.
All that I do is in love.
I expand and open my mind."

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