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Awakening is all about transitioning from individual mind into the One Mind that underlies all intelligence.  In the awakened state, ego no longer controls our destiny.  An Awakened individual is free of attachments.  In this special state of mind, the universe becomes a part of you.  For a moment, or longer for some, you become one with all that is.

It takes courage to let go and allow the quietness of spirit to overcome the sense of self as an individual, separate from all that is.  Are you ready to try?

 Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I open up.
I trust my senses.
I trust my impressions.
My hearing expands.
My sight sees inter-dimensionally.
I feel.
My feeling expands.
I touch.
I taste.
I am a master.
My consciousness senses.
I am consciousness.
I know.
My impressions are clear.
My senses are powerful.
It is a gift.
It is natural.
I am a gift.
My chakras open.
Energy is natural.
I vibrate energy.
I serve."

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