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When we live our lives in respect for all life, we enrich our minds and bodies and become aware of the interconnectedness we all have with each other.  The beauty of this world is that we are never alone.  Every living thing is a part of the universe and has a life force we can benefit from.  We can recognise that all life freely gives and in return, we know that we too are significant.  Although we may feel like a small grain of sand, we can draw from the strength of those around us knowing that we all are part of life’s miracle.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I respect all life.
I am aware of life's significance.
I sense the life force in life.
I appreciate nature's bounty.
Life gives life force to me.
Life force exists in all living things.
I choose my foods wisely.
I give thanks for my nourishment.
I respect the life force that I consume.
All life matters.
I treat all life with honor and dignity.
Life is a miracle.
All life is a miracle.
All life has cycles.
There is a cycle time for harvest.
I respect the harvest time of nature.
I am aware of how foods are prepared.
I am aware of how foods are grown.
I am aware of how foods are cared for.
I choose foods treated with dignity.
No life is ever to be wasted.
No life is insignificant."

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