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Fear of rejection is one of our deepest held fears.  It feels important to fit in, to be accepted, to find security in a group.  We are biologically wired to seek acceptance - often our ancestors' very survival depended upon it.

At the root of our fear is the idea that perhaps we are not loveable, worthy, or deserving.  These fear based thoughts can spin out of control leading to anxiety, depression, and anger.

This fear of rejection stops many of us from taking advantage of desirable opportunities. This programme will help you release the fear of rejection and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I am good.
I am capable.
I do my best.
My best is accepted.
I am accepting.
I am accepted.
I allow.
I am aware of my abilities.
I am confident.
I am sufficient.
I am optimistic and positive.
I release fear.
I release anger.
I treat myself with respect.
I treat others with respect.
I expect the best.
I am forgiving.
I am loving.
I am patient.
I am understanding.
I allow myself.
I respect myself.
I trust myself.
I am in touch with myself.
Within me is the power.
I listen to my still small voice.
I am aware of my abilities.
I am confident."

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