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We all lie at some time or another. However, for some people lying becomes a habit. Perhaps it makes them feel validated or maybe they lie to get what they want, or perhaps it's become a habit they just can’t break.

Exaggeration and "little white lies" can be harmful.  Outright dishonesty is dangerous.  This habit manifests itself in childhood and on through adulthood into relationships and business.   You may not intentionally set out to deceive others but people can begin to question your integrity and sincerity, making it hard to gain the trust and respect of those around you. 

You want people to trust and love you and they want the same in return.  Most importantly though, you want to feel respect for yourself and to be the kind of person you can be proud of.

Honesty is a huge part of self-improvement and personal growth.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I am honest.
I am sincere.
I am courageous.
I am whole.
I like myself.
I respect myself.
I am good.
I am proud.
I am forgiving.
I love living.
I choose to be truthful.
I am smart.
I am wise.
I am honorable.
I am responsible.
I am confident.
I am accountable.
I am upright.
I am open.
I am forthright.
I am frank."

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