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Our animal friends bring great quality to our lives.  Now you can learn how to enhance that relationship.

Animals play an important role in our lives. They are family members, therapy pets, service members, emotional companions and dear friends. Spending quality time with pets can have a positive impact on mood and health and enrich our lives in so many ways.

In return for all animals give to us, we want to take care of them and make sure their needs are met.

With this programme, you will be able to pay closer attention to your animal friend’s feelings and body language. You will be able to integrate their feelings into cogent thought patterns that clearly articulate their thoughts. Feel the special relationship and energy you share with your animal friend, allow them to feel they are being heard today, and reap all the other benefits that come from your special bond!

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"I trust my senses.
My senses are keen.
I am alert.
I sense the energy of those around me.
I can feel the energy of animals.
I sense and feel the feelings of my animal friends.
I am empathic to the needs of my animal friends.
I am sensitive to the vibrations emitted from my animal friends.
I allow myself to feel their thoughts and expressions.
I trust my feelings.
I take time to listen to my friends.
I pay close attention to movement.
My mind accepts what I feel.
My mind integrates my feelings in cogent thought patterns.
I am able to articulate the feelings and thought of my animal friends."

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