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Is there a perfect love relationship for you? Do you long for the "right" one? Often people give off vibes that keeps the right relationship away. Or they simply don't see a potential relationship when it is right in front of them. Open yourself up to meeting your perfect partner.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"Love is natural.
I am good.
I am caring and sharing.
I am deserving.
I like myself.
I am considerate.
I am kind.
I am friendly.
I am attractive.
I am intelligent.
I am an interesting person.
People enjoy my companionship.
I attract good to me.
I attract good people.
People like
I like people.
I attract my perfect mate.
My perfect mate is attracted to me.
I am willing to give.
I am deserving of gifts.
Love is the highest gift.
I deserve to be loved.
I accept love in my life.
I love myself.
I am loved.
It's okay to love and be loved ."

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