InnerTalk Word Power – Spelling and Vocabulary MP3

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We are often judged by our vocabulary.  Use this programme to help you:  Learn new words and be comfortable using them in everyday conversations.  Find the correct words to express yourself.  Spell with ease and confidence.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I have a powerful vocabulary.
I like words.
I use words correctly.
I listen to words.
I listen to new words.
I look up new words.
I look up words.
I remember words.
Remembering is easy.
Remembering is natural.
Remembering is effortless.
Words are meaningful.
Words are powerful.
Words cause action.
I speak well.
I write well.
I am fluent.
Fluency is easy.
Fluency is natural.
Fluency is fun.
I have word power.
Words are fun.
Words are keys to knowledge.
Words are keys to understanding.
I have the power and ability.
I do it easily.
I associate words."

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