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We need maths to balance our finances, calculate the impact of interest rates on purchases, to choose insurance, and to pay our taxes.  Everyday life requires a working knowledge of maths, yet many of us panic at the thought of it.

Maths is an essential aspect of music, art, science and life in general.

Don’t let the fear of maths stand in the way of excelling at school or in your job.  With the help of this programme, you’ll find fear of mathematics replaced with a new sense of self confidence and the ability to learn quickly.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Math is an extension of logic.
Math has simple rules.
Math interprets the world.
Math is easy.
I learn math rules.
I remember math rules.
I am logical.
Math is effortless.
Math comes in steps.
I learn math in steps.
I learn math easily.
Logic is natural.
I am natural.
I solve easily.
Math is fun.
Life is wonderful.
I am calm.
I am relaxed.
I am confident.
I am good.
I am in control.
I am good at math."

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