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Ever wished you could write?  Write in a vivid, creative way that everyone enjoyed?  Or write in such a way that the words came alive, that the reader couldn’t put the material down?  This programme was created especially for those who wish to become creative writers or improve their creative writing talents.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am creative.
It's easy for me to create.
It's easy for me to be creative.
I have great ideas.
I experience creative inspiration regularly.
I organize my thoughts.
I develop outlines.
I plan plots.
I feel the characters.
I sense the story line.
I experience the creative flow.
I love to write.
I write every day.
I record my thoughts.
I keep a creative notebook.
I keep a journal.
I write for fun.
I write for relaxation.
I dream of writing.
My dreams give me ideas.
Writing is exciting.
Writing is important.
I love to write.
I am a good writer.
I pay attention to detail.
I read others' writings.
I like to read.
I am a good grammarian."

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