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There are many reasons for cognitive decline, but there is also a lot you can do to slow down this decline and even reverse it.  There is much truth in the statement "Use it or lose it!".  Train your mind to want to learn.

Sample thought modification messages in this programme:

"My memory is strong.
I easily remember everything I need whenever I need it.
I integrate my learnings.
I associate my learnings.
I associate my memories.
My memory is powerful.
I learn easily.
I pay closer attention to new information now than ever before.
I remember names, places and dates.
I make an effort to remember names, places and dates.
I am relaxed about my memory.
I am a powerful communicator.
I am good public speaker.
I am relaxed and
I deliberately learn something new everyday.
I add words to my vocabulary on a daily basis.
I go out of my way to learn.
I practice my memory.
I practice my learnings.
I find it all easy.
It is easy to speak.
It is easy to remember.
It is easy to share my learnings."

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