InnerTalk Stroke Recovery MP3

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Recovering from a stroke can be a slow process.  Use the power of your mind to maximise your healing abilities.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am alert.
I am aware.
I am a miracle.
My body is a miracle.
My brain is a miracle.
My body and brain heal miraculously.
My body and brain heals perfectly now.
My memory is keen.
I remember effortlessly.
The brain is amazingly redundant.
My brain is healthy.
My body is healthy.
I am healed, healthier and healthier everyday in every way.
My vision is keen.
My speech is strong and clear.
I see easily and clearly.
I speak easily and effortlessly.
My balance is good.
My body movements are smooth and easy.
My body heals itself now."

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