InnerTalk Natural Pain Relief MP3

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Interrupt the pain cycle and alter your attitude towards pain signals.  Minimise discomfort and bring extended relief.  Many users of this programme have reduced or even replaced their pain medication with this natural alternative.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am relaxed.
I breathe deeply.
I am non-resistive.
I am healthy.
I am happy.
I am loving.
I am patient.
I am loved.
I am free of pain.
Pain is gone.
I love living.
Life is wondrous.
I am wondrous.
My body is wondrous.
My body is perfect.
I am well."

available with music or nature soundtrack
£19.99 each or £31.99 for both soundtracks

Nature MP3

Music MP3

Both MP3 soundtracks

InnerTalk - combining the power of technology and affirmations. Clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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