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It's challenging living with the changes menopause brings. Apprehension, fear, uncontrollable sweats, and irritability are common problems. The impact of menopause in both its outward symptoms and the adjustments of attitude, feelings of loss, embarrassment and more, can be mitigated. Employ the mind/body connection to live healthily through menopause.

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"I am calm.
I am relaxed.
I allow.
I am in touch with me.
I am in touch with the spiritual side of me.
I trust.
I am wise.
I am good.
I am loving.
I am grateful
I have a gratitude attitude.
I am forgiving.
My bones are strong.
My body is a miracle.
My body serves me wonderfully.
My body balances my hormone requirements.
My estrogen levels are stable and healthy.
I am very healthy.
Menopause is easy for me.
Menopause is a natural change.
I am free of menopause symptoms.
I accept change easily.
My body accepts change easily.
I am comfortable with my body.
I live in now.
Now is simply wonderful.
I look good.
I feel good."

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