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We all know it's wise to choose a healthy life style. It'’s no secret that diet and exercise increase our vitality and overall wellbeing. So knowing that, why don’t we practice it? Apparently knowing and doing are not the same thing.

This programme is designed specifically to change the way you talk to yourself and thereby reinforce your commitment to live healthily.

When you follow a healthy lifestyle, your body will thank you and will work with you rather than against you, and many aches and pains will disappear. A good night's sleep will help you wake refreshed and enthused for the day and will increase your productivity. When your productivity increases, your sense of pride and achievement increase, bringing a whole new value to your life.

Change the thinking that causes you to sabotage your health with activities that cause a downward spiral. The many joys of healthy living are in your reach. Don’t wait until you wish you had begun a long time ago - Begin living a healthy life today!

Sample thought modification messages in this title:

"Healthy habits are fun.
Healthy food tastes good.
Healthy living feels good.
I enjoy healthy living.
I feel good every time I make a healthy choice.
I choose to promote my health in every way every day.
I am vigilant about healthy choices.
I consciously choose the healthy option.
It gives me pleasure to choose the healthy option.
I am healthy, healthy, and healthier.
I ask about healthy options.
I investigate healthy options.
I choose healthy foods.
I maintain a healthy diet.
I am interested in the healthier options.
I am wise about my choices.
I establish a healthy exercise routine.
I do everything I can do to be healthy.
Health is important to me.
I appreciate my health.
I am a gift.
Life is a gift."

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